Is The Hoverboard Industry Dead?

diffrent-hoverboard-modelsHoverboards were once very popular, about ten months ago, a hoverboard was probably one of the best gifts you could give during the holidays. However, after the CPC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) ruled that they did not meet the standards of safety leading retailers such as TGT (Target Corp.) and AMZN (Amazon) shut down further sales.

This however is not an indicator of the end of the hoverboard industry as you will see from looking at the history of Hoverboards. It is not completely illegal to sell or buy hoverboards, as a matter of fact there are sites such as eBay which are not only selling them, they are also reporting high income from the amount of hoverboards which have been purchased it is however becoming increasingly more difficult to purchase a hoverboard.

That being said due to the effective ban in the United States which makes it very difficult to get your hands on a hoverboard as well as other embargoes public properties in major cities such as Los Angeles and New York, airlines and other bans in places such as Denmark, the entire enterprise seemed to have been halted.

people-on-thier-hoverboardsIt now seems as if the manufacturers of the hoverboard that are located in China, keep in mind that this is the country that was reported as being responsible for boom of the faulty self balancing scooter are finding away to fight back the enormous quantities of videos in which the scooters are exploding and have become quite viral. The way that this is being done is through the implementation and institution of wide safety standards within the industry, they hope that this will once bring back the popularity of the hoverboard.

Over one hundred various businesses that are dedicated to the industry of hoverboards, from suppliers to sellers, have united and joined forces in a trade organization which is known as the Hoverboard Industry Alliance. On March 3rd, the Hoverboard Industry Alliance met for their second conference, they plan to work hand in hand with United States manufacturers in creating a set of safety regulations which are globally standardized.

If however we look at the facts, the hoverboard industry was able to take of mainly due to the fact that the devices were futuristic and affordable. China’s ecosystem of manufacturing, which is a fast and efficient mechanism of supply helped to cater to the high demands of the product. What was sacrificed in order to ensure rapid profits was safety constraints. If the current safety constraints and regulations are adhered to, order will be brought to the industry and their prospect of surviving will not disappear.

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