3 educational whiteboard software for schools

Interactive whiteboards promote interactive classroom learning. These whiteboards have been a part of education for more than a decade now. These whiteboards are cost effective and very useful tool for learning. Here are the best educational whiteboard software available for schools.

SMART Technologies


They came up with their first board in 1991. They became the pioneer in the digital whiteboard sphere. They now hold the largest market share. Schools are purchasing their software for reliability and reputation. They have a range of models available. The most sophisticated one is the 885ix series. It is responsive to both pens and fingers, and it is quick to start and shut it down. It has tracking cameras that recognize and respond to simple hand gestures.



They are known to be the most innovative manufacturers of educational whiteboard software. The ActiveBoard 500 Pro is currently the most advanced interactive whiteboard system which provides multi-touch and multi-user functionalities. It has lower versions as well which are more cost effective and ideal for schools.



MIMIO has a good reputation for flexibility and affordability in the market of interactive whiteboard market. Their board is portable and low cost. This is a great option for schools who cannot afford to have expensive interactive whiteboards like those offered by SMART technology. The MIMIO Teach Interactive Whiteboard has been demanding because of its affordability. This small device can be place on traditional dry erase boards and converting them into full-featured interactive whiteboards.

These interactive whiteboards have transformed the way students learn in school. It is much effective than the traditional method of teaching. Students become more creative by learning with the help of these interactive whiteboards.