Brief History Of Hoverboard Technology


Originally a fictional concept which was referred to as a board that levitated and was used for personal transportation was first described in 1967 by author M.K. Joseph and made very popular by the film franchise; Back to the Future. The hoverboard is generally portrayed in images and film as a skateboard minus the wheels.

In the 90’s there were quite a few rumors stating that the hoverboards did in fact exist and that due to parents deeming them way too dangerous for personal use, they were not on the market. Although the rumors were debunked during that era, hoverboards continued to be featured in various ways by many forms of media.

That being said it has been quite a few years now in which it seems as everyone with the resources and technology have been creating and updating all kinds if hoverboards. In early 2015, Lexus unveiled a levitating hoverboard which actually functioned, however it was designed to function only in custom skate parks which offered tracks with magnet linings.

At that moment they did however state that they had no commercial plans for the hoverboard. A similar hoverboard which levitates was also created by Hendo Hoverboard, however like the one Lexus unveiled, Hendo’s levitating hoverboard also requires special tracks in order to function.

best-of-the-hoverboardsAnother company that launched a hoverboard was Hoverboard Technologies, they produced a single wheeled electric skateboard that is called the Kickstarter and nicknamed “Hoverboard.” Although the Kickstarter is not able to actually levitate the user off the ground, it does offer a modern design which definitely seems like a gadget from the future.

At this time engineers and inventors are realizing that a hoverboard can not merely be a trend which will allow a quick buck to be made from die hard Marty McFly fans. These inventions must be taken seriously as the could offer a giant leap not only in the world of urban transportation and recreation but also in the world of military, policing and sports.

As with anything new and radical, and innovative transportation system such as the hoverboard may not be something that is not immediately embraced by every community. That being said, unless you are waiting for your flying car and are interested in hoverboards as a future form of transportation, there are three different boards that you can currently keep your eye on: the Omni Hoverboard, the Hendo Hoverboard and the lexus Hoverboard. Although they don’t actually hover, you may be looking to buy a hoverboard now. With all the recent hoverboard fires it is important to buy the best hoverboards available. Be sure to look for a UL certification on an Hoverboard you purchase.

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