About us

Jim Adams

Jim Adams – CEO/Blogger

We are a software development company providing software and web development services. We are also expert in web design and software user interface design. We focus on creating educational whiteboard software technologies that integrate with interactive whiteboard screens. Technology has changed the way knowledge is shared. It is now much easier to explore and expand ideas, and turning them into reality. We believe that our solutions will help education system to prosper further and make classroom learning more effective and fun.

We started our business in 2001. We initially provided only web design services. Later on we expanded our service and moved to the educational sector. Our educational whiteboard software solutions will make learning more engaging for students and make it easier for teachers to teach.

In our team, we have a group of creative thinkers. They are constantly trying to come up with something more creative and useful for the educational sector. Using our software, the students both the students and teachers will greatly benefit. We already have many clients of this innovative software. So, if you are involved in the education sector or you are looking for any web design service, then you can get in touch with us.