4 tips on designing a high converting website

Most businesses have their own websites now. But some websites convert best, whereas the others don’t. Here are some tricks to design a high conversion website.

Make website easy and straightforward

Your website must be easy to search and browse. You can use strategies like making similar product recommendations, product reviews, a large ‘call-to-action’ button, etc. The site should be easy to browse for both regular users and first time users.

Test the checkout process length

If the checkout process is too long, the conversion rate may decrease. But shortening the checkout process is not the only way to increase the conversion rate. You can include upsell features during the checkout process and keep the user’s cart items in view. You can have a progress indicator, which shows how much processing of the order has been completed. These features increase conversion rate of the website.

Build lifetime customer value

You should remarket to your customers. Based on their previous purchase or from their social network profiles, recommend products. You can check out the customers’ ‘likes’ on music, games, movies, etc. and make suggestions on various products they can purchase.

Make good use of words and graphics

Oversized graphic with a call to action will make highest converting pages. This way you will get customer’s attention and get them involved in browsing. Combining this action with social recommendations and remarketing efforts can get you positive results.

Using these tips you will be able to increase your customer base. You should also focus on search engine optimization and try to develop good content for your website. You will be surprised to find out how your conversion rate increases.


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